I thought of different way to start this blog right, but then i realized that i was just driving myself a little bit crazy, because there is not a right way. So honesty is the best key here.

I love young adult books, what turned out to be a every summer sorta of adventure has turned into a lifestyle–weird right. Nope, from all the other blogs I’ve come across, they have all been the same with a shared love for young adult books.

Why start this blog? Because i have a huge pile of tbr on top of my night stand and next to my night stand. Also i said that i enjoyed reading young adult books every summer, change of plans, I’m going to read them every day, all day and write about them.

Will i have a days when i may not be able to keep on top of this blog? Yes because i do have a day job, i work at a coffee shop which is excellent because not only do i get to a have caffeinated drink all the time but there also free. Second job, yep, i work at an awesome indie books store where i get my fill of arc’s and new releases. So with all that said, it sounds like a good reason to start this blog.

Any other hobbies? I write and participate in NaNoWriMo every years, I have an amazing Siamese cat named Emma, i twirl a baton in a marching band, and i knit some time.